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First victim of Oakland County Child Killer

February 15, 1976 Oakland County, Michigan The first of 4 confirmed murders by the still unidentified Oakland County Child Killings occurs Mark Stebbins (12) was the first known victim of a serial killer who targeted children. He was strangled and sexually assaulted with an object, and had rope marks in his wrists. His body was… Continue reading First victim of Oakland County Child Killer

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Boy killed on birthday to avoid a kiss

February 15, 1909 New York, New York George Spencer Millet dies at the age of 15 while avoiding being kissed at his work George had been well liked amongst his female counterparts for his "gentlemanly ways.” When it was discovered it was his 15th birthday, the girls decided to each kiss him 15 times. During… Continue reading Boy killed on birthday to avoid a kiss

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Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

February 14, 1929 Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre claims the lives of seven men Seven men, lined up against a wall, were murdered by four men, two of whom were dressed as uniformed police officers and two in suits. One man, Frank Gusenberg, survived briefly, being stabilized in the hospital. When… Continue reading Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre