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FLW: don’t mangle my body

Famous Last Words John Doyle Lee Meadow Mountains, Utah territory March 23, 1877 "Center on my heart, boys. Don't mangle my body." In September 1857, a group of emigrants moving west to California were attacked in Mountain Meadows by a group of Native Americans, as well as members of the Church of Ladder Day Saints… Continue reading FLW: don’t mangle my body

Executions · Famous Last Words · Utah

FLW: remember me but let me go

Famous Last Words John Albert Taylor Draper, Utah January 26, 1996 "I would like to say for my family and my friends, as the poem was written, 'Remember me, but let me go.'" Taylor was executed by firing squad for the rape and murder of an 11-year-old girl. Between 1:30PM and 3:20PM (between the time… Continue reading FLW: remember me but let me go