Rhode Island

Young child murdered, cannibalized by teen

May 18, 1975 Rhode Island Michael Woodmansee murders and cannibalizes 5-year-old Jason Foreman Jason went missing while returning home after playing with friends. The investigation into his disappearance produced no leads until 8 years later when Woodsmansee was questioned after a failed murder attempt of a 14-year-old. During questioning, officers suspected he may know about… Continue reading Young child murdered, cannibalized by teen

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Mother, daughters found brutally murdered

September 4, 1989 Warwick, Rhode Island Joan Heaton and her daughters Jennifer (10) and Melissa (8) are found murdered in their home Joan's mother grew worried when she hadn't heard from the family over the Labor Day weekend and visited their home with Joan's sister on September 4. When no one answered they entered the… Continue reading Mother, daughters found brutally murdered