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Vintage crime scene: the Death card

April 15, 1931 Coney Island, New York City, New York Mob boss Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria is gunned down in a restaurant The details behind Masseria's death are fuzzy with two different versions of the event’s specifics. Gangland legend claims 4 shooters took out Masseria while his body guards were mysteriously absent. However, newspapers… Continue reading Vintage crime scene: the Death card

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Palm Sunday massacre

April 15, 1984 Brooklyn, New York Christopher Thomas shoots and kills several women and children as they are relaxing in their home, leaving an 11-month-old as the only survivor Thomas had allegedly bought drugs from the home owner, Enrique Bermudez, in the past and suspected Bermudez of sleeping with Thomas' wife. The victims included Bermudez's… Continue reading Palm Sunday massacre

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Jealous woman killed by her lover

April 14, 1914 New York, New York Alberta Thomas is killed by her romantic interest after she became jealous of another woman Thomas confronted her boyfriend for his interest in another woman, and in response he shot at her 4 times, striking her twice (once in the breast and once in the neck). He then… Continue reading Jealous woman killed by her lover

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Mobster killed during birthday celebration

April 7, 1972 Manhattan, New York Mafioso Joe Gallo is gunned down at Umberto's Clam House while celebrating his birthday Gallo was believed to have previously set up an unsuccessful hit against mob boss Joseph Colombo. Because of this allegation, when a Colombo associate in Umberto's saw Gallo enter, he quickly left the restaurant to… Continue reading Mobster killed during birthday celebration