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The deaths of Bonnie and Clyde

May 23, 1934 Bienville Parish, Louisiana Infamous outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow are killed in an ambush The two were notorious for their robberies and murders and grew to a celebrity status among the general population, which concerned Bonnie and Clyde as hiding became much more difficult. In June 1933 things became even more… Continue reading The deaths of Bonnie and Clyde

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The Axeman of New Orleans’ first murder

May 23, 1918 New Orleans, Louisiana The first of several murders attributed to The Axeman of New Orleans are committed The Axeman’s career officially spanned from May 23, 1918 to October 27, 1919, beginning with the murders of Joseph and Catherine Maggio. The Maggios were attacked in their sleep, their throats sliced then their heads… Continue reading The Axeman of New Orleans’ first murder


11 Italians lynched for police chief’s murder

March 14, 1891 New Orleans, Louisiana Eleven people of Italian descent are lynched for allegedly murdering police chief David Hennessy Hennessy had been shot several times by a group of assailants as he walked home on October 15, 1890. When asked who had shot him, he replied “Dagoes,” a slur used against Italians. He died… Continue reading 11 Italians lynched for police chief’s murder

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FLW: dying with his comrades

Famous Last Words Jean-Baptiste Noyan New Orleans, Louisiana October 25, 1769 "With my comrades I fought! With them I die!" Noyan and 4 other leaders of a revolt attempting to prevent Louisiana from being handed over to Spain, were sentenced to death for treason. Noyan, the nephew of the founder of New Orleans, was granted… Continue reading FLW: dying with his comrades