The murder of Ryan Skipper

March 14, 2007 Wahneta, Florida Ryan Skipper (25) is murdered by William Brown Jr (20) and Joseph Bearden (pictured, 21) due to alleged unwanted sexual advances (also called the "gay panic defense") How Skipper met his murderers is still questioned, though two of Skipper's friends testified they had seen Brown with Skipper before, one claiming… Continue reading The murder of Ryan Skipper

Florida · Political

The attempt to assassinate FDR

February 15, 1933 Miami, Florida A failed assassination attempt on Franklin D. Roosevelt's life instead fatally wounds Chicago mayor Anton Cermak The would-be assassin, Giuseppe Zangara, was short, standing at about 5 feet tall. In order to see over others in the crowd, he stood on a metal folding chair, armed with a .32 caliber… Continue reading The attempt to assassinate FDR

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Fired man kills 5 former co-workers, self

February 9, 1996 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Clifton McCree shoots and kills 5 park employees, injures a 6th, then kills himself in revenge for being fired 2 years prior McCree had worked for the city's park department for 18 years when he was fired in 1994 for a slew of reasons, including threatening his co-workers and… Continue reading Fired man kills 5 former co-workers, self


11-year-old’s body found

February 6, 2004 Sarasota, Florida The body of 11-year-old Carlie Brucia is discovered Carlie was abducted February 1 by Joseph Peter Smith. After kidnapping her, Smith raped and strangled her, leaving her body near a church. Security footage of Carlie being forcibly lead away by Smith resulted in Smith being questioned. He denied any responsibility… Continue reading 11-year-old’s body found