Man steals tank, drives through city before being shot by police

May 17, 1995 San Diego, California Shawn Nelson steals a tank, goes on a 23-minute rampage ending when he is killed by police Nelson, allegedly a methamphetamine addict, had been suicidal; a combination of neck and back injuries from a motorcycle accident and the theft of his plumbing equipment made it nearly impossible to continue… Continue reading Man steals tank, drives through city before being shot by police

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Woman stabbed to death, supposedly because of marijuana (graphic)

May 16, 1939 Los Angeles, California A woman is examined following her death, stabbed repeatedly by her lover because of, according to this collection, marijuana. This murder happened during the height of the marijuana-scare; the infamous anti-marijuana propaganda film Reefer Madness had come out three years prior. Photo from Death Scenes: A Homicide Detective's Scrapbook

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FLW: smells like rotten eggs

Famous Last Words Warren Cramer San Quentin, California May 14, 1943 "I don't smell anything yet. (Pause) It smells like rotten eggs." Starting at the age of 14, Cramer had been a serial arsonist, confessing to 20 fires in churches, City Hall, and police headquarters. His father was quoted as saying “Warren’s mother died a… Continue reading FLW: smells like rotten eggs

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Man killed by wife after beating her

May 13, 1942 Los Angeles, California Earl Blaisure is killed by his wife Molly (inaccurately described here as his girlfriend) after beating her with the barrel of a rifle when it failed to fire Earl Blaisure (24), a stove factory worker, had been know for beating his wife, Molly Blaisure (24), who stabbed her husband… Continue reading Man killed by wife after beating her