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Religious mob sets fire to hotel, killing 37

July 2, 1993 Sivas, Turkey A mob sets fire to a hotel, killing 37 including 2 members of the mob and injuring at least 51 The mob, who were Sunni Muslims, set the hotel on fire for unspecified reasons after attending Friday prayers. The Turkish government believed the attack was directed at Aziz Nesin who… Continue reading Religious mob sets fire to hotel, killing 37

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The beginning of the Armenian genocide

April 24, 1915 Ottoman Empire The Armenian genocide begins with the gathering, arrest, and deportation of between 235 - 270 community leaders and intellectuals, the majority of whom are later murdered, ending in 1923 with approximately 1.5 million deaths Though Armenians were largely targeted by the Ottoman Empire, other groups were selected as well, including… Continue reading The beginning of the Armenian genocide

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The martyrdom of St. George

April 23, 303 AD Nicomedia, Bithynia, Roman Empire (modern-day İzmit, Turkey) St. George is martyred at the age of approximately 23 St. George the Dragon Slayer (thus named for the legend he had killed an actual dragon) had been a solider in the Roman army during the rule of Emperor Diocleian. The emperor despised Christians… Continue reading The martyrdom of St. George

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10,000 Christians beheaded for their faith (303 AD)

March 18, c. 303 Nicomedia, Bithynia (now İzmit, Turkey) 10,000 Christians are beheaded The exact date of the martyrdom of the Christians is unknown as it was over 1700 years ago and likely took place over a large span of time. However, the Roman Martyrology commemorates March 18 stating, “At Nicomedia ten thousand holy martyrs… Continue reading 10,000 Christians beheaded for their faith (303 AD)

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The Skinned Saint

August 24 (approximately), 1st Century AD Albanopolis, Kingdom of Armenia (present day day Turkey or Armenia) Saint Bartholomew is martyred, possibly being flayed alive before beheaded As the accounts of Saint Bartholomew are 2000 years old, some discrepancies are bound to be found. In Western Catholicism, August 24 is St. Bartholomew's feast day, thought to… Continue reading The Skinned Saint