Massacres/Mass Murder · Switzerland

Mass murderer believed parliament was persecuting him

September 27, 2001 Zug, Switzerland Friedrich Leibacher, believing a plot was against him from his parliament, brings several legally-purchased guns and a home-made bomb to the parliament, shooting at politicians and journalists, killing 14 and wounding 18 before killing himself Leibacher had a reputation for bringing forth a large number of lawsuits which were dismissed,… Continue reading Mass murderer believed parliament was persecuting him

Newspaper clippings · Switzerland

Scars self to dissuade attention

August 25, 1924 Geneva, Switzerland  The Chicago Daily Tribune reports a self-inflicted acid attack by a woman seeking to destroy her beauty so her husband would stop accusing her of attracting unwanted attention from other men. More horrific history from today: 1835: The Great Moon Hoax (2017) 1955: Child beaten with hammer for singing (2017)… Continue reading Scars self to dissuade attention