Liliane Gerenstein put to death in Auschwitz

April 15, 1944 Oswiecim, Małopolskie, Poland (Auschwitz Death Camp) 11-year-old Liliane Gerenstein is put to death French-born Liliane was among a large group of children living in a children’s home designed to hide their Jewish heritage. On April 6, gestapo raided the home taking 44 children and 7 supervisors. They were taken to Auschwitz where… Continue reading Liliane Gerenstein put to death in Auschwitz


The liberation of Auschwitz

January 27, 1945 Oswiecim, Poland The Auschwitz concentration camp is overtaken by Soviet soldiers, liberating the starving survivors When the Nazis received information Soviet forces were making their way to Auschwitz (they had already liberated Warsaw and Krakow), soldiers tried eliminating as much evidence of their war crimes as possible, including shooting prisoners, burning evidence,… Continue reading The liberation of Auschwitz


Kazimiera Mika and her sister’s death 

September 13, 1939 Warsaw, Poland  Kazimiera Mika (10) mourns the death of her sister following a German air raid The photographer who took the picture (Julien Bryan) said of the scene: As we drove by a small field at the edge of town we were just a few minutes too late to witness a tragic… Continue reading Kazimiera Mika and her sister’s death 

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Burns self in protest 

September 8, 1968  Warsaw, People's Republic of Poland  Ryszard Siwiec sets himself on fire in protest of the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia  Siwiec had prepared his self-immolation months in advance and chose a festival to carry out his plan hoping as many people as possible would witness it, as many as 100,000 including journalists… Continue reading Burns self in protest