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3 executed for gang rape of actress

May 17, 1972 Philippines Three of actress Maggie de la Riva's 4 gang-rapists are executed In 1967, Jaime Jose, Basilio Pineda, and Edgardo Aquino, the three men executed (along with Rogelio Canial who died of a drug overdose in jail a few months before the execution), used their car to force de la Riva's vehicle… Continue reading 3 executed for gang rape of actress

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1814 Mount Mayon eruption

February 1, 1814 Bicol Region, Philippines Mount Mayon erupts, killing 1,200 people When the mountain erupted, the priest of the local church rang the bell as a warning, taking in around 200 people seeking refuge. Unfortunately, the church was burned and buried by lava and ash, killing those inside. The view of the mountain from… Continue reading 1814 Mount Mayon eruption