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The martyrdom of Saint Valentine

February 14, 270 (year is approximated) Rome, Italy Saint Valentine is beheaded for marrying Romans to their lovers against the Emperor's command Emperor Claudius the Cruel was disappointed at the lack of men willing to join his army and blamed their lack of enthusiasm on marriage, feeling the reason for low recruitment was due to… Continue reading The martyrdom of Saint Valentine

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Caligula’s assassination

January 24, 41 Palatine Hill, Rome Caligula is assassinated by guards who stab him 30 times, dump his body unceremoniously in a shallow grave, and murder his wife and 1-year-old daughter Caligula was not held in high regard during his reign, despite being descended from beloved Roman nobility. Caligula was known for his sadism, cruelty,… Continue reading Caligula’s assassination

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The martyrdom of St. Telemachus and the last gladiator match 

January 1, 404 Rome, Italy  The last gladiator match is held Telemachus, a Christian monk, halted a gladiator match. The crowd became furious and stoned the monk to death (an alternate story claims a gladiator killed him), but the Christian Emperor Honorius, moved by the monk's sacrifice, ended all gladiator matches from that time forward.… Continue reading The martyrdom of St. Telemachus and the last gladiator match