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Wedding hall collapses, killing 23 and injuring 380

May 24, 2001 Talpiot, Jerusalem, Israel During a wedding reception, the third story of the Versailles wedding hall collapses, killing 23 and injuring 380 The collapse was due to structural failure of the building. Part of the building had originally been intended to be a two-story structure while another part was designed to be three-stories.… Continue reading Wedding hall collapses, killing 23 and injuring 380

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Mass Execution During the Crusades

August 20, 1191 Acre, Israel Richard the Lionheart has a large number of Muslim prisoners beheaded at the Massacre of Ayyadieh The number of victims varies between 2,000 and 5,000. Also, the motives behind the executions vary, either for revenge of Christian deaths or because King Richard believed it unwise to leave a city with… Continue reading Mass Execution During the Crusades