“Ghost rockets” first observed

February 26, 1946 The first of many mysterious "ghost rockets" are witnessed by Finnish observers These rocket-like shapes appeared mostly in Sweden and surrounding countries, with approximately 2,000 reported between May and December 1946, and the first reported on February 26, 1946. Their appearances were also verified by radar. Many speculations have been made to… Continue reading “Ghost rockets” first observed

Finland · Massacres/Mass Murder · School Violence

Jokela School Shooting

November 7, 2007 Jokela, Tuusula, Finland Pekka-Eric Auvinen (18) goes on a shooting spree in his high school, killing 8 and wounding 13 before killing himself Auvinen, who was described by a teacher as a militant radical with interests in both far-left and far-right ideologies, had left a suicide note saying goodbye to his family… Continue reading Jokela School Shooting