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Suspected serial poisoner executed

March 24, 1873 Durham, England Mary Ann Cotton (34, pictured) is executed for the murder of her stepson Cotton, who eventually was given the nickname “The Dark Angel,” had a streak of suspicious deaths following her, including three husbands, her mother, a lodger, and twelve children (either her own or her stepchildren). The deaths in… Continue reading Suspected serial poisoner executed

England · Executions · Female Killers

The “Yorkshire Witch” is executed for fatally poisoning client

March 20, 1809 York, North Yorkshire, England Mary Bateman, the “Yorkshire Witch,” is hanged for murder Bateman, looking to bolster her husband’s modest income, began to tell fortunes in 1799 but soon offered her services as a “screwer-down,” claiming to use phantoms to immobilize her clients’ enemies, and sold various other supposed spells and charms.… Continue reading The “Yorkshire Witch” is executed for fatally poisoning client


Man kills curiosities shop owner to steal sword

March 3, 1961 London, England Edwin Bush (21, pictured) stabs Elsie May Batten (59) to death in her curiosities shop Batten had been struck in the head with a stone jar and was stabbed several times with daggers she had for sell in her shop, one of which was left in her chest and another… Continue reading Man kills curiosities shop owner to steal sword

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Woman kills, dismembers employer

March 2, 1879 Richmond, London, England Catherine “Kate” Webster (pictured) kills her employer Julia Martha Thomas Webster, reported to be “about 30 years of age,” had worked as a domestic servant for Thomas (55) since January 1878. The two initially had a good rapport though relations quickly soured. “I found her very trying, and [she]… Continue reading Woman kills, dismembers employer

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Man executed for murder of wife

February 21, 1877 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England Richard Insole (24) is executed for the murder of his wife Richard and his wife, Sarah Ann Insole (22), had reportedly been having marital difficulties for some time. Richard had recently served six weeks in prison for physically assaulting Sarah in July 1876, then refused to financially support her… Continue reading Man executed for murder of wife