England · Executions

Man hanged for murdering his grandson

December 5, 1900 Manchester, England Joseph Holden is executed for the murder of his grandson Holden took his grandson, John Dawes (8), from school, claiming the boy's mother required him to run an errand for her. He instead lead John to a quarry (the lane to which is pictured, from "Bury Murders" by Sean Frain)… Continue reading Man hanged for murdering his grandson

England · Famous Last Words

FLW: a great leap in the dark

Famous Last Words Thomas Hobbes Derbyshire, England December 4, 1679 "I am about to take my last voyage, a great leap in the dark." Hobbes was a political philosopher with liberal views including the belief individuals should be free to do as they choose unless specifically forbidden by law. He died at the age of… Continue reading FLW: a great leap in the dark

England · Female Killers

Woman kills fiancé after argument

December 1, 1996 Alvechurch, Worcestershire, England Tracie Andrews gets into an argument with her fiancé, stabs him 42 times with a pen knife, bruises her own face, and tells police a "fat man with staring eyes" was responsible for the murder due to road rage Andrews (pictured showcasing her self-inflicted bruises as proof of an… Continue reading Woman kills fiancé after argument

England · Political

Edmund Ironside, murdered on his toilet

November 30, 1016 England Edmund II, also known as Edmund Ironside, King of England from April 23, 1016 to November 30, 1016, is killed while using the privy Edmund had been engaged in a conflict over the throne from 1014 when his 2 older brothers died making him the eldest male heir, and his father… Continue reading Edmund Ironside, murdered on his toilet