Austria · Disasters

Railway car ignites, kills 155

November 11, 2000 Kaprun, Austria A railway car carrying skiers through a tunnel catches fire, killing 155 The fire was caused by an electric heater in an unattended conductor’s cabin at the back of the train, which melted plastic pipes and ignited hydraulic brake fluid. The passengers were unable to immediately access fire extinguishers or… Continue reading Railway car ignites, kills 155

Austria · Graves

Anton von Webern and the Sator Square

September 15, 1945 Austria Composer and conductor Anton von Webern is shot accidentally by an American soldier At the time of Webern's death, he and his family were living in Allied-occupied Austria. Webern and his wife had been visiting with their son-in-law Benno Mattel when American soldiers came to arrest Mattel for black market activities.… Continue reading Anton von Webern and the Sator Square


Man holds daughter captive under his home for 24 years

August 29, 1984 Amstetten, Austria Elisabeth Fritzl is held captive by her father who keeps her hidden in an underground dungeon and repeatedly rapes her for 24 years Elisabeth was tricked by her father Josef into their basement when he claimed he needed help with installing a door. As she held it to the frame,… Continue reading Man holds daughter captive under his home for 24 years