Warrior killed, decapitated, and displayed

July 11, 1833 Belhus, Perth, Western Australia Yagan, an Indigenous warrior, is killed and decapitated, his head smoked and put on display as an "anthropological curiosity" Yagan had a bounty placed on him, dead or alive, for killing a white servant. The killing of the servant was an act of retaliation after a different white… Continue reading Warrior killed, decapitated, and displayed

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The Wirrayaraay massacre

June 10, 1838 Near Bingara, New South Wales, Australia Approximately 35 Australian Aboriginals of the Wirrayaraay are massacred by a group of colonial settlers The group of indigenous people had been camping peacefully at a European station who offered them protection from marauders when the Wirrayaraay were targeted by a group of stockmen who had… Continue reading The Wirrayaraay massacre

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A fire on an amusement park ride claims the lives of 6 children and 1 adult

June 9, 1979 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia A fire consumes the ghost train ride at Luna Park Sydney, killing 7 The ride, which was constructed in 1931, was understaffed and had inadequate fire prevention systems. These unaddressed concerns led to the complete destruction of the ride. Approximately 35 people were on the ride at… Continue reading A fire on an amusement park ride claims the lives of 6 children and 1 adult

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The execution of “The Schoolgirl Strangler”

June 1, 1936 Coburg, Victoria, Australia Arnold Karl Sodeman, “The Schoolgirl Strangler,” is executed Sodeman’s fist known victim was 12-year-old Mena Griffiths, murdered on November 9, 1930. While Mena and her friends played on a playground, Sodeman distracted the other children by giving them money to buy ice cream, then told Mena she was to… Continue reading The execution of “The Schoolgirl Strangler”