New York · Serial Killers

Suspected serial killer bludgeons, stabs man

September 14, 1977 New York Paul Bateson bludgeons Addison Verrill with a skillet and stabs him in the heart Bateson and Verrill met at a Greenwich Village bar before going to Verrill’s apartment for consensual sex. Afterward, Bateson crushed Verrill’s skull with a skillet and stabbed him in the heart. Verrill was a well-known film… Continue reading Suspected serial killer bludgeons, stabs man

Executions · Serial Killers · South Carolina

“The Meanest Man in America” executed

September 6, 1991 Columbia, South Carolina Serial rapist and killer Donald Henry “Pee Wee” Gaskins is executed Gaskins had a troubled life starting at birth, punctuated by neglect from his mother. As young as 8, Gaskins began a string of crimes including robbery and rape. He was sent to a reform school where he was… Continue reading “The Meanest Man in America” executed

Crime Scene Photography · Ohio · Serial Killers

The possible first victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer is found

September 5, 1934 Cleveland, Ohio A woman’s lower torso and upper thighs are found on the shore of Lake Erie The woman’s body was found in a rough and reddened, suggesting chemicals had been applied to her skin. Her head was never found, and because of this, she has never been identified. She was dubbed… Continue reading The possible first victim of the Cleveland Torso Murderer is found

Ohio · Serial Killers

The final Cleveland Torso Killer victims found

August 16, 1938 Cleveland, Ohio The bodies of the final 2 victims of the Cleveland Torso Killer are found During a three-year span, the Torso Killer killed, decapitated, sometimes castrated, and occasionally dismembered at least 12 victims. However, as the bodies of the victims were found months or years after their deaths, it's probable there… Continue reading The final Cleveland Torso Killer victims found

England · Executions · Serial Killers

“Brides in the Bath” killer executed

August 13, 1915 Maidstone, Kent, England Serial bigamist and murderer George Joseph Smith is hanged Smith had found a career in marrying women bigamously, clearing out their savings, then skipping town only to assume a new name and begin the process anew. Somewhere along the line, Smith realized he could make even more money from… Continue reading “Brides in the Bath” killer executed