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Man beaten by wife, 2 employees in home

March 27, 1989 Melbourne, Florida John Bradford (53) is fatally beaten in his home John and his wife, Priscilla Bradford (36), had had marital difficulties culminating with Priscilla filing for divorce. In her divorce suit, Priscilla alleged she had been the victim of spousal abuse during their three-and-a-half-year marriage. However, John filed a countersuit claiming… Continue reading Man beaten by wife, 2 employees in home

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Suspected serial poisoner executed

March 24, 1873 Durham, England Mary Ann Cotton (34, pictured) is executed for the murder of her stepson Cotton, who eventually was given the nickname “The Dark Angel,” had a streak of suspicious deaths following her, including three husbands, her mother, a lodger, and twelve children (either her own or her stepchildren). The deaths in… Continue reading Suspected serial poisoner executed

England · Executions · Female Killers

The “Yorkshire Witch” is executed for fatally poisoning client

March 20, 1809 York, North Yorkshire, England Mary Bateman, the “Yorkshire Witch,” is hanged for murder Bateman, looking to bolster her husband’s modest income, began to tell fortunes in 1799 but soon offered her services as a “screwer-down,” claiming to use phantoms to immobilize her clients’ enemies, and sold various other supposed spells and charms.… Continue reading The “Yorkshire Witch” is executed for fatally poisoning client

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Teen kills stepmother at father’s behest

March 19, 1985 Garden Grove, California Cinnamon Brown (14, pictured) fatally shoots her stepmother, 23-year-old Linda Brown On the evening of March 18, David Brown (32, pictured) left the home, ostensibly due to “bickering” between his fifth wife and his daughter. During the night, Linda’s sister, Patti Bailey (17) heard gunshots and called police who… Continue reading Teen kills stepmother at father’s behest