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BTK’s first murder victims (graphic)

January 15, 1974 Wichita, Kansas The first victims of BTK (Bind Torture Kill) are killed in their home Joseph and Julie Otero and two of their children (Joseph Jr, 9; and Josephine, 11) are each bound at gun point, then systematically strangled or suffocated. A detailed description of the events, as told by Dennis Rader… Continue reading BTK’s first murder victims (graphic)

California · Crime Scene Photography

Black Dahlia’s body is found (graphic)

January 15, 1947 Los Angeles, California The nude and mutilated body of Elizabeth Short, aka Black Dahlia, is found by a woman walking with her 3-year-old daughter The murder created an immediate sensation, due in part to Short's body being mutilated so horrifically and the mystery of who would be so savage to another person.… Continue reading Black Dahlia’s body is found (graphic)

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Man robbed, murdered, and mutilated

January 1, 1911 London, England The body of Leon Beron, bludgeoned and stabbed during a robbery, is found Beron was a slumlord, owning several dilapidated houses he rented out. When his body was found, bludgeoned, stabbed 3 times, and 2 curious S shaped cuts ("like the f holes on a violin") carved into his cheeks,… Continue reading Man robbed, murdered, and mutilated