About Horror History:
Created in May of 2013, the original concept of Horror History began as a side project for a creepy-pasta Instagram account, specializing in two-sentence horror stories (both those I gathered from the internet and ones I wrote myself), urban legends, and so on. Soon that side project became more interesting to me and the creepy-pasta portion was dumped. 

My initial writing style was a bit more casual with liberal pepperings of descriptive words that appealed more to emotions than concrete facts. Over the years I’ve tuned the style of writing to reflect a more unbiased opinion, allowing the readers to draw their own conclusions instead. 

About me:
I have developed a love for History after school, which showed a sterilized version of events and, in the process, made figures hard to relate to and events boring. I spend most of my limited free time doodling on my iPad or iPhone, playing video games (currently, Fallout 4), and watching the occasional movie. 

I’ve been a fan of horror movies since childhood. The first horror movie I can remember watching was the first Halloween movie when I was around 5 or 6. When my dad would take us to rent movies at the local video rental store, I’d stare transfixed at the art adorning the VHS boxes of horror flicks, with ones like April Fools Day and Chopping Mall embedding themselves deeply and fondly in my memories.