March 29, 2008
São Paulo, Brazil
Isabella de Oliveira Nardoni (5) is thrown from her sixth-floor apartment window

Isabella and her family returned home at around 10:30 p.m. on March 29. According to her father Alexandre Nardoni (29), he brought the sleeping Isabella up to their apartment before placing her in a bed and returning downstairs to the car to assist his wife Anna Carolina Jatobá (24) in bringing up their two children, ages 11 months and 3 years. When Alexandre returned to the apartment, he found Isabella was missing. She was soon found in the apartment’s garden. Isabella was still alive and emergency services attempted for 34 minutes to revive her, but she died en route to the hospital.

Isabella Nardoni
via Megacurioso

Alexandre told police an intruder had thrown Isabella from the apartment during a burglary. Police initially searched for the suspected thief but soon shifted their focus on Isabella’s father and stepmother.

There had been no signs the home had been burglarized; nothing had been taken from the apartment and the building’s high security would have been difficult for an intruder to bypass. As such, Alexandre’s claim of a thief breaking into the home was discredited. Investigators discovered a hole had been intentionally cut from the safety screen of the window which Isabella had been thrown from. Additionally, they found blood evidence throughout the home, with a trail beginning at the home’s front door, through the living room where there was evidence blood had pooled before it was cleaned up, continuing through a corridor into Isabella’s brothers’ room, and on the window’s protective screen. Witnesses also reported hearing a girl screaming, “Stop, Dad!” shortly before Isabella was found in the garden.

The London building where Isabella and her family lived
via UOL

An examination of Isabella’s body showed she had a fractured wrist, which the investigators believed indicated she had been picked up and thrown from the window by her hands. She also had trauma to her head and tongue, and petechial lesions to her heart and lungs which suggested she had been suffocated.

Isabella with her mother, Carol
via Megacurioso

Alexandre and Jatobá were arrested on May 7, 2008 and charged with Isabella’s murder. The prosecution contended Isabella had been strangled by her stepmother while her father used a pair of scissors to cut a hole in the window’s screen, then her unconscious body was thrown from the window by her father. Both defendants were convicted with Alexandre receiving a sentence of 31 years in prison and Jatobá receiving 24.

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