March 8, 2010
Turku, Finland
Katariina Pantila (28; formerly Katariina Hyttinen and Katariina Lönnqvist) is found dead in her cell

In 2007, Pantila was at a family gathering, during which time an 8-month-old relative was injected with a potentially fatal dose of insulin. The baby was taken to a hospital for treatment and recovered. Days later, a 79-year-old patient was killed under Pantila’s care. Pantila called the patient’s sister to inform her of the woman’s passing and mentioned an autopsy was not necessary.

The patient’s body was examined and an injection site was found on her hip. A cerebrospinal fluid analysis showed she had four times the lethal quantity of insulin in her system. Pantila was arrested and charged with the murder of her patient as well as the attempted murder of the baby, based on the similarities and timeline of the attacks on the two victims. She was also suspected of killing at least two other patients but was not charged with their deaths.

Pantila had been reportedly hostile toward the baby and his mother, and had given the mother advice during her pregnancy which could have induced a miscarriage. Additionally, shortly before the baby was injected with insulin, Pantila and the baby’s parents had argued over the usage of a summer cottage. No motive was offered for the murder of the patient, though she and the two patients suspected to have been killed by Pantila were elderly and each had developmental or intellectual disabilities.

Pantila was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of release after serving 10 years. She was found dead in her cell on March 8, 2010 and attempts to resuscitate her were unsuccessful. Prison officials have stated Pantila died by suicide but did not elaborate on the details of her death.

Pantila in court

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