February 29, 1992
San Diego, California
The body of Angela Kleinsorge (84) is found by her daughter

(Note: While this article was written on March 1, I don’t want to only feature February 29 events on Leap Days.)

Angela’s daughter Hedy would call her every day to check in with the widow. Hedy had spoken with her mother on February 28 and called three times on February 29. When she received no answer, Hedy visited Angela’s house. On the floor beside her bed was the body of Angela Kleinsorge. She had been sexually assaulted and stabbed repeatedly in the neck.

Angela Kleinsorge, via the San Diego District Attorney’s office

Angela’s case remained unsolved for 25 years. In 2017, authorities announced they had linked Jeffrey Falls to DNA evidence left behind at Angela’s murder scene. The DNA of one of Jeffery’s brothers was found to be a partial match to that left at the scene, indicating he had been a family member to the perpetrator. A third brother was tested and disqualified as a suspect, leaving only Jeffrey who had died at the age of 42 in a 2006 motorcycle accident. A partial DNA sample was obtained from Fall’s tissue and suggested he was likely Angela’s killer. “The likelihood ratio for kinship between the crime scene sample and Falls is in the quadrillions,” San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Bumanis stated during a news conference.

At the time of Angela’s murder, Falls had lived across the street from her. He was questioned during the initial investigation and told authorities he had not been home at the time of the attack. Investigators were unable to corroborate his statement but did not have a reason to suspect him at the time.

Angela Kleinsorge

“To learn that it had been a neighbor – it was just horrifying to us,” Hedy told reporters.

Bumanis noted the closing of Angela’s case brought a “measure of closure” to her family. Hedy expanded upon this by saying: “When you lose a loved one to a brutal and violent act, and there’s no one charged with the crime, you often wonder if the criminal wakes up in the morning, thinks that he got away with murder or if he gives it a second thought. After 25 years, we have our answer. While we have only partial closure, at least we know Mr. Falls no longer thinks he got away with the rape and murder of our mother.”

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