February 6, 2013
Denver, Colorado
Mayra Perez shoots her three children and herself; only one child survives

The motive behind the attack is suspected to have originated with an argument between Mayra and her husband on the evening of February 5. Mr. Perez left the house to calm down. He returned on the morning of February 6 to find the bodies of his wife and children.

Mayra Perez, Nevaeh Morales (4), and Erick Perez (1) were pronounced dead at the scene. Their autopsies showed Neveah had died of multiple gunshot wounds while Erick and Mayra each died of a single wound. Mayra’s 3-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital for treatment of her own gunshot wound, although her prognosis was not optimistic. “When everything happened,” the surviving child’s grandmother told reporters, “we heard nothing good. Sad things and ‘If she makes it.’ If, if, if, all the time, so for the first week that I got here, I was afraid to lose her, too.”

Erick Perez, Neveah Morales, and their sister (the sister’s face has been obscured as she survived her attack
via Find a Grave

The surviving child emerged from her coma a few days after the shootings. “She’s out of a coma and she’s doing OK,” her aunt reported. “This is very, very good news for us.” At the time of her release from the hospital in April, the child was unable to walk without assistance. A pediatric rehabilitation specialist stated she had a “good chance” of regaining the ability to walk in the future.

Mayra with her children
via The Denver Post

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