January 25, 2005
Crothersville, Indiana
Katlyn “Katie” Collman (10) disappears; her body will be found 5 days later

Collman was last seen by her mother while running an errand, making a purchase at a Dollar General about a block and a half from her home. Her body was found 5 days later, face down in a creek with her hands bound behind her back. Her cause of death was ruled as drowning.

Katie Collman, via 14News

Shortly after Collman’s body was found, a 20-year-old man came forward and confessed to the killing. According to the man, Collman had stumbled upon a dilapidated shack the man and some of his friends were using to make methamphetamine. The group “decided to scare her” to prevent Collman from informing the police of their operation, and the man took Collman to a creek where he “might have ‘bumped’ her into the water.”

A map showing Katie Collman’s house, the Dollar General where she was sent on an errand, and the trailer belonging to the man who confessed to killing her
via The Courier-Journal. February 5, 2005

The confession raised questions among the public and investigators. “They said they wanted to scare her into silence,” Collman’s father told reporters. “In my opinion, you don’t scare a child into silence by tying their hands behind their back and throwing them in water.” Other issues arose from the confession, including the man providing four conflicting versions of events, all containing only details that were available to the public at the time of the confession. It was soon determined the man had made a false admission of guilt, and investigators looked elsewhere for the true killer.

DNA evidence at the scene of the crime — saliva on a discarded cigarette butt, cells on the material used to bind Collman’s hands, and semen — linked Anthony R. Stockelman (38) to the crime. Additionally, fibers found on Collman’s body were similar to carpet fibers from Stockelman’s mother’s home.

Anthony Stockelman, via WTHR

Stockelman pleaded guilty in exchange for the death penalty being removed as a possible punishment. He was sentenced to life for Collman’s murder as well as 30 years for child molestation.

In 2006, Stockelman was “forcibly tattooed” by a fellow inmate. Jared Harris, Collman’s cousin, had been incarcerated for burglary in the same prison as Stockelman when he etched the words “KATIE’S REVENGE” on Stockelman’s forehead. According to Harris during his trial for battery, “I told him if he would allow me to place this tattoo on his forehead … everything would be taken care of and he wouldn’t have to worry about any future attacks.” Harris was given an additional 7 years to his sentence and lost all his credit he had accumulated for good behavior.

Stockelman’s tattoo
via WRTV

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