January 14, 1910
Richmond, Virginia
Thurman Spinner is executed for the axe murder of an acquaintance after the victim tore his shirt

Spinner (as he’s recorded in the Library of Virginia records) or Skinner (as most newspapers referred to him) had been ‘possum hunting with Charles W. Noell (21) and several others near Colfax, Virginia on October 29, 1909. The group rested for a brief time, at which point Spinner and Noell — who had known each other for years — engaged in play wrestling. During the fight, Noell threw Spinner to the ground, tearing his shirt in the process.

The group continued on their way and Spinner carried an axe that was used by the group to fell trees in search of opossums. About 30 minutes after the wrestling incident, Spinner walked behind Noell and used the axe to strike him over the head, shattering his skull. Noell never regained consciousness and died on November 2.

Spinner was immediately arrested and held in a local jail until a jailer learned of a plot to lynch the prisoner. The jailer moved Spinner to the woods where the pair waited from 11 p.m. until 5 a.m. During their absence, an “orderly mob” of 50 people arrived to enact vigilante justice, but left without further violence after searching the jailhouse and finding no sign of Spinner. The prisoner was soon transferred to another city to avoid any further attempts on his life.

Spinner reportedly made no defense at his trial, and was sentenced to death. He was executed at the age of 18, dying in the electric chair on January 14, 1910, less than 3 months after Noell’s murder.

Daily Press. January 15, 1910
via Newspapers.com

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