December 18, 1996
São Paulo, Brazil
Marcelo Kenji Yoshino (22) shoots several colleagues and himself

Yoshino had been obsessed with his co-worker Valéria Lelli (26) for some time before the shootings. According to a fellow worker, Yoshino “kept sending letters, flowers and chocolates, but she didn’t care because she was engaged.” Additionally, Lelli’s fiancé told reporters, “Since I met Valéria in 1994, he has been after her,” and Yoshino had visited Lelli’s mother three months before the shooting to introduce himself as a friend but noted he also wanted to date her.

On December 18, Yoshino entered the office building where he was employed, carrying a gift-wrapped box ostensibly meant for an office birthday party being held that day. In reality, the box contained a Glock 380 pistol.

Lelli was the first target. She was shot a total of 9 times with 6 of the shots localized to her neck. Thais Helena Paes de Silva was shot 7 times in the abdomen and head, Cleide Uria Casaro was shot three times, and two other co-workers were shot but survived their injuries. Five others in the room were able to escape injury by hiding under tables. Yoshino then approached Lelli’s body and shot himself in the ear. His body collapsed on top of hers. The entire incident lasted less than a minute.

Lelli’s mother spoke to reporters about the shooting, noting the company was aware of Yoshino’s obsession, and a company psychologist had persuaded Lelli not to file a harassment complaint against Yoshino. “Someone has to be held responsible for this,” Teresa Lelli stated, “a psychologist at the company knew about the problem.”

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