November 24, 2009 (estimated)
Scottsdale, Arizona
Shari Lee Tobyne shoots and kills her husband Dwight Tobyne, dismembers his body, and discards the remains in three separate counties

At the time of the shooting, the Tobynes’ marriage was at its end and Dwight informed Shari of his intent to file for divorce. Sometime between November 24 and 28, Dwight was shot as he was in bed, was dragged into the garage, and dismembered with “a saw-like tool.” Shari then placed the pieces of her husband’s body in her car and drove to various locations in Arizona, dropping pieces in three locations. Soon after the killing, Shari had the carpet in the master bedroom replaced and it was noted the garage smelled heavily of bleach.

The pieces of Dwight’s body were found in three separate counties, and each within a week of the others. The first sighting was on December 20 off U.S. Highway 60 in Pinal County, the second on December 23 off Interstate 10 in La Paz County, and the third on December 26 off the Beeline Highway in Maricopa County. Police did not disclose which parts had been found in the locations out of respect for the victim’s family. Each time the remains were discovered, they were turned into the medical examiner of the respective counties in which they were found. They were soon linked to each other through DNA, but remained unidentified for another 6 months.

Shari, in the meantime, led her family to believe Dwight was still alive. She claimed he had traveled to Mexico to stay with a friend and sent emails and text messages pretending to be her husband. Their adult children became suspicious, however, and filed a missing persons report on their father on July 21, 2010. It was believed the dismembered remains may have belonged to Dwight and, after DNA samples were provided by his parents, the remains were conclusively identified as Dwight Tobyne.

Shari was questioned about her husband’s death at which point she claimed she had been suicidal following the news of her impending divorce. According to Shari, she had taken a handgun she had purchased earlier in the month with the intent to shoot herself. Dwight attempted to grab the gun from her which caused it to discharge, striking him in the head and killing him instantly. Shari then dismembered and discarded her husband’s body because she feared no one would believe her story.

Shari pleaded guilty in 2011 and was sentenced to life in prison plus 31 years for related charges, including abandonment or concealment of a body, forgery, and fraudulent schemes and artifices.

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