October 4, 2014
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Marcus Volke dies from self-inflicted wounds while eluding police

Volke and his wife, Mayang Prasetyo, were heard by neighbors arguing at length, beginning in the late hours of October 2 until the early hours of October 3 when the home suddenly fell silent. Soon after, neighbors reportedly began smelling a “putrid” odor emanating from the home, likened to rotting meat or dog food.

Volke soon called a 24-hour electrician, stating he had been cooking on his electric stove before the contents of the pot boiled over and dripped into the stovetop, causing a short circuit which disrupted power to the entire apartment. Volke told the electrician to ignore the smell and claimed to have been cooking a pig’s broth. Along with the strange meat smell, the electrician also noticed a strong smell of bleach as well as bottles of cleaning products, rubber gloves, and filled garbage bags placed throughout the apartment.

The electrician restored Volke’s electricity then notified the apartment’s management of his concerns. The management in turn contacted the police, asking them to perform a welfare check on Prasetyo who had not been seen or heard from since the “protracted argument” earlier.

“[There] was a bad smell,” Senior Constable Bryan Reid later said while explaining the scene during an inquest, “it was something I hadn’t smelt before and can’t really describe.”

The officers asked to speak to Volke outside of his apartment which he agreed to, but quickly went back inside his home under the pretense of securing his pugs. Volke then locked the front door, cut his own throat with a large knife, and jumped over his balcony fence to flee from the police. Volke left behind a trail of blood from his neck wound which the police were able to follow to an industrial rubbish bin. Inside was Volke’s body.

Officers attempted to perform CPR on Volke but, “it was pretty apparent that he was deceased and it wasn’t going to help,” Senior Sergeant Sean McKay stated during the inquest. (The inquest was conducted in 2017 to determine if the police had been guilty of misconduct in their attempt to question Volke; they were found to be “authorized, justified and supported” by law, and Volke’s death was deemed “unavoidable.”)

Inside Volke’s apartment, police found what they initially believed to be a “sick” Halloween prank. Pools of blood were on the floor around the refrigerator and stove. On the stove was a large cooking pot containing what appeared to be a human foot. And more dismembered human remains were found in a garbage bag stored within the washing machine. It was determined the body pieces belonged to Mayang Prasetyo, and she had been stabbed multiple times before she received a fatal wound to her neck which had severed an artery. It was also found that, shortly after the estimated time of Prasetyo’s murder, Volke had left the apartment on multiple occasions to purchase a cleaver, large cooking pot, bleach and other cleaning chemicals, rubber gloves, and garbage bags, and had visited the hospital to receive stitches to a injury on his hand. It is presumed that Volke had decided to dismember and dissolve his wife’s body to conceal her murder.

Mayang Prasetyo, via The Bulletin

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