The ‘90s were a special time. Technology was advancing. More and more homes were gaining access to the information superhighway of the worldwide web. 24-hour news channels found their footing. Major events seemed to grip the nation in a way that had not been possible before.

Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in 1991 and murdered in prison three years later. John Wayne Gacy famously told the world to “kiss [his] ass”. The country watched the Menendez brothers’ trials on Court TV, Comet Hale-Bopp heralded the deaths of 39 Heaven’s Gate members, and OJ Simpson led police on a low-speed chase in his infamous white Bronco.

So grab an Orbitz, throw on your Hypercolor shirt and JNCO jeans, and relax to the mellow sounds of your dial-up modem while you check out these ‘90s-themed articles from Today in Horror History.

All ‘90s. All the time.*

*(Until 12:00 midnight US Mountain Time April 2, 2019)

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