West Virginia

Man kills, dismembers wife

March 29, 2016
English, West Virginia
Woody Wood Jr. kills and dismembers his wife Rebecca

On or around March 29, Woody and Rebecca argued, ending in Woody shooting Rebecca in the head. He then dismembered her body, put the body parts into trash bags, and buried the remains in their basement. At some point, Woody also attempted to destroy the bloody mattress on which Rebecca was killed, by putting two different types of paint on the blood stains. The mattress was later found outside the home.

Rebecca was reported missing on April 1 after being absent from work for several days, and Woody turned himself in to the police the following day, confessing to killing Rebecca and burying her body. A search warrant was obtained and Rebecca’s dismembered remains were discovered.

Woody pleaded guilty to second degree murder and received a sentence of 40 years, the maximum sentence available.

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