March 19, 1926
Oakland, California
Macario Timon is killed in his home

Timon was a goat farmer who largely kept to himself, though neighbors began to think he was selling bootleg gin he made in his basement, based on the frequent visits he would receive. (At the time, the United States was in the middle of the Prohibition Era, which outlawed the sale and consumption of alcohol.) The neighbors’ beliefs later proved to be true.

Timon was found dead in his home, killed by his throat being cut. Unusual items littered around his house which caused police and the press to suspect the killing to be a sacrifice to the Devil, including a goat leg and hide (which would not necessarily be unusual for a goat farmer to have in his house) and “scrolls with strange symbols” written in “red fluid” believed to be blood. One scroll, written in Timon’s handwriting, read:

Most powerful Lucifer — I ask you to present yourself to my prayer, and to lend me your mouth of wisdom and knowledge, so that I may discover the occult sciences, to gain advantage over and do damage to my enemies.

And I shall recognize you as my lord and sovereign if you put me in possession of this eerie art, so that I may have the gratification of whatever I desire.

And for that I subscribe my name with the blood of my veins.

A letter was also found, addressed to a woman in 1926 and written by Timon, describing his belief in and worship of Lucifer. Another document was discovered suggesting Timon was searching for a “diabolical stone” which was supposed to grant the owner “riches” and render them “impervious to machinations of enemies.” Some investigators theorized other followers of Timon’s supposed cult believed he had found the stone and sacrificed him to gain its power, and may have sacrificed the goat at the same time.

Other investigators speculated Timon had been the victim of a drunken brawl, killed by one of his speakeasy patrons. Evidence to support this theory involved the gin stills Timon operated, bruising to Timon’s head immediately prior to his death, and several broken alcohol bottles strewn around the scene.

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