March 15, 2007
Villa Park, Illinois
Rebecca Klein (32, pictured) is killed by her romantic partner Nicole Abusharif (28)

Klein and Abusharif had been partners for 7 years, though Abusharif began dating another woman for over a year before Klein’s murder. According to the other woman, she was told Klein was simply Abusharif’s roommate while Abusharif’s defense team stated at trial Klein was aware of the other woman and she had an open relationship with Abusharif.

Abusharif reported Klein missing on March 16. Police investigated the couple’s home and, on March 17, Klein’s body was found in the trunk of the Mustang she and Abusharif owned. It was determined Klein had been killed two days before her body’s discovery. She had been blindfolded with a bandana, gagged, her wrists and feet had been bound with tape, and a plastic trash bag taped around her head. Her autopsy revealed Klein had died by suffocation.

Abusharif was arrested in connection with Klein’s murder based on her palm and fingerprints being found on the tape and plastic bag, as well as her DNA left on the bandana blindfold, though she professed her innocence. The prosecution suggested Klein was killed to allow Abusharif to pursue her relationship with her other girlfriend, as well as to profit from the $400,000 in life and mortgage insurance policies. The defense attempted to prove the relationship Abusharif shared with Klein was open, though the prosecution used numerous conversations via text and MySpace direct messages to indicate otherwise.

Abusharif was convicted of Klein’s murder and sentenced to 50 years in prison.

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