March 10, 2008
Seoul, South Korea
Lee Ho-seong (이호성, 41) kills himself after being named as the suspect in the disappearances of his romantic partner and her three daughters (pictured)

Kim Yeon-suk (46) and her daughters Jeong Seon-ah (20), Jin-ah (19) and Hae-ah (13) were last seen on February 18, 2008, when Kim told her employees she and her family were going on a trip. That night, closed circuit television cameras recorded Lee moving large bags in and out of the apartment he shared with Kim (whom Lee has been dating for two years) and her daughters. Because Kim had notified her employees of her upcoming departure, she and her children were not reported missing until March 3.

On March 10, Lee was formally announced as a suspect in the disappearances of the four family members; his body was recovered from the Han River within hours of the announcement. It was noted Lee did not have any visible markings to indicate a struggle and, while he did not leave behind a suicide note, it was generally accepted he had voluntarily walked into the river to kill himself.

After Lee’s death, a laborer reported a man who looked like Lee had requested a pit be dug next to Lee’s father’s tomb, which had since been filled. The pit was excavated and the bodies of the missing family of four were unearthed. After some investigation it was discovered Lee had been in debt and Kim had lent him $177,000 to help alleviate the debt. It has been speculated Kim asked Lee to repay her which led to her murder as well as those of her children.

Lee Sun Myung. “‘속보이는TV’ 4번 타자서 살인 용의자로, 이호성 네 모녀 살인 사건 조명.” MSN. September 21, 2018. Accessed: March 10, 2020. (Korean)
“Baseball star kills self after police name him suspect in family’s murder.” The Vancouver Sun. March 12, 2008
“Ex-baseball star named a suspect, then found dead.” Korea JoongAng Daily. March 11, 2008. Accessed: March 10, 2020. (image source)

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