February 11, 2011
Brooklyn, New York
Maksim Gelman (23, pictured) begins a 28-hour stabbing spree, ultimately leaving 4 dead

The attack began following an argument over Gelman’s mother’s car. Gelman wanted to borrow the car though his stepfather, Aleksandr Kuznetsov (54) refused to lend the vehicle. Gelman then stabbed Kuznetsov at least 11 times before fleeing with the car. Kuznetsov died of his wounds; Gelman’s mother was not physically harmed.

Gelman drove the car to an acquaintance’s house, that of 20-year-old Yelena Bulchenko, a woman Gelman was reportedly “obsessed with.” Yelena was not home yet though her mother, Anna Bulchenko (56), was. She was fatally stabbed. Gelman waited in the home for hours until Yelena returned, whereupon he stabbed her 11 times, killing her.

During Gelman’s escape, he stole several cars. He first rammed his mother’s car into another vehicle. He stabbed the owner, Arthur DiCrescento (60) before stealing his car. Gelman then fatally struck 62-year-old pedestrian Stephen Tanenbaum with DiCrescento’s car. Next, Gelman hailed a cab and attacked driver Fitz Fullerton, damaging his voice box before slashing the hands of yet another driver, Sheldon Pottinger (25), to steal his car.

The final portion of Gelman’s spree occurred on a subway train. Gelman held a knife and told Joseph Lozito “You’re going to die” before attacking him. Lozito fought back by using a single leg takedown (a move used in mixed martial arts and other grappling sports to knock an opponent to the ground). The pair struggled on the floor as Gelman attacked Lozito with a knife, causing deep slashes to his neck and head, before Gelman was arrested by two police officers. Lozito survived the encounter after Alfred Douglas, who had also been in the same car, was able to help control the flow of blood.

When arrested, Gelman claimed he had been set up and was “a sacrificial lamb”.

Gelman initially pleaded not guilty, though he later changed his mind and entered a guilty plea on all charges. He was given the maximum sentence for each of the 13 charges — which included murder, assault, and robbery — and was sentenced to a combined 200 years in prison. Gelman told the court “I’m not the bad guy here” and taunted the survivors and the victims’ families. He was later sentenced to an additional 25 years for attacking Lozito; this trial was separate from the others as the attack had happened in Manhattan while the rest occurred in Brooklyn. During this trial, Gelman taunted Lozito and took the opportunity to propose to Kim Kardashian.

According to New York court records, the earliest date Gelman may be released is March 29, 2218.

Maksim Gelman. Image credit: NYPD

Credit: David Karp, Associated Press

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