January 30, 2015
Jurong, Singapore
Ken Ong Wei Poh (37) fatally attacks his wife Karen Koh Siang Hua (39, pictured) before attacking their housekeeper and mortally wounding himself

The marriage between Ong and Koh had been under strain for some time. Both Koh and Ong has spoken or written to others about their dissatisfaction in the relationship, including Ong posting vague status updates on his Facebook months before the attack, suggesting he was planning revenge against the person who had “destroyed my life.”

Ong had reportedly quit his job to stay at home as a househusband to allow Koh to focus on her career, which he and she both apparently resented. Koh’s lawyer made statements on her behalf after her death, stating she “could not stand that fact that [Ong] doesn’t go to work and had depended on her financially for six years,” and she was “unhappy that she was belittled by Ong, as he was constantly telling her she was not a good wife, and that she failed to give him enough financial support.”

On January 30, housekeeper Jamelarin Jasmen Corpuz (37) heard the couple arguing. The fights happened often, according to Corpuz, and usually involved finances, though the arguments had never resulted in violence until his occasion. When Koh screamed as Ong attacked her with a cleaver, Corpuz attempted to stop him. Ong attacked Corpuz as well, though she was able to flee the home to summon help. Ong continued his assault on his wife, inflicting 30 wounds to her head, chest, back, and limbs — some which cut to the bone — and severing Koh’s jugular vein.

Corpuz, covered in blood, first came in contact with neighbors who were then able to bring security. Security guard Lee Jee Kwang later recounted his encounter with Corpuz: “She had a wound on her left arm that [was so deep] you could nearly see the bone. And there were wounds on her back, the back of her neck and her head. … But she still kept telling us to help her employer.”

While Koh was bleeding to death, Ong sat at his computer to compose e-mails to send to multiple media outlets, using the subject line “Jurong Murder.” In the e-mail, Ong stated he felt emasculated by Koh, writing, “In this family, I’m like the outsider and [Koh] is the husband, I’m the housewife …”

Police arrived after the e-mails had been sent, and found Ong on a mattress, with self-inflicted stab wounds to his abdomen. A knife was found on a nearby table, and a handwritten note was also at the scene, which read in part, “It’s sad that things had to be this way. But under 12 years of insult and humiliation under her, and the way she proposed the divorce, is the final limit for me. … I will settle it myself.”

Both Ong and Koh were taken to a hospital for treatment, though both succumbed to their injuries. Ong preceded his wife in death by a short time.

The couple’s 6-year-old son was in class at the time of the stabbings.

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