January 28, 2001
Syracuse, New York
Jill-Lyn Euto (18) is killed in her apartment

Euto, who lived alone in a sixth floor apartment, had made plans with her family to watch the Super Bowl at her parents’ house. When she didn’t visit as planned, her mother, Joanne Browning, tried calling but was unable to reach Euto. The following day Browning called Euto’s work and grew increasingly concerned when the employer reported Euto did not come in to her shift. Browning visited Euto’s apartment and, upon entering, found her daughter’s body.

Euto had been stabbed repeatedly and her was neck cut with a knife taken from her kitchen. She had no known enemies and a lack of evidence hindered investigations.

Browning put forth efforts to ensure her daughter’s case was not forgotten by using pink memorial ribbons and distributing posters to raise awareness in the community. “I know somebody had to have seen something,” Browning stated in an interview. “This is my way. I can’t be out on the streets. I have to do something for Jill. I promised her I won’t stop until her killer is found. I’ll be putting those posters out until I die; I’ll never stop. As long as it takes.”

Browning died in a work-related accident in 2007.

Jenna Euto made a public statement on the 15th anniversary of her sister’s murder, imploring the public to come forward with any information “so that we can finally have some closure.” (The full televised statement can be seen here: https://youtu.be/wKhY_NhNc5Q)

In 2016, police announced they had DNA evidence which may link a suspect to the murder, but as of January 2020 no arrests have been made and Euto’s murder remains unsolved. Those with information are urged to call the Syracuse Police Department Cold Case Homicide Squad at (315) 442-5234 or e-mail them at coldcasesquad@syracusepolice.org. Tips will be kept confidential.

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