January 21, 2011
Austin, Indiana
Amanda Bennett shoots her three children and herself, possibly due to her impending divorce

Amanda shot her children — Jasmin Abbott (14) and Katelynn and Ryan Bennett (9 and 4 respectively) — and the family dog before she set the home on fire. She then shot herself.

Police found the bodies after performing a welfare check on the family and noticing parts of the home were scorched. The children and Amanda had all died from gunshot wounds to their heads, though smoke inhalation also contributed to the deaths of Amanda and Katelynn. The dog survived.

During their investigation, police found posts on an online forum dedicated to employees of Amanda’s husband John’s workplace. The posts were suspected to have been written by Amanda, accusing John of infidelity. One post read: “He just won’t stop hurting us with his words and actions so it’s time to take the pain away so John Bennett this is for you got what u wanted no wife an no kids u put her b4 them and u say it’s because of the way I act well that has nothing to do with your kids so now you have your truck and your hoe and some family but even they don’t think you bein a good dad and they know I didn’t do anything to deserve this.”

Due to this and similar posts, police believe the marital discord to be the motive behind the killings.

Katelynn Bennett, Ryan Bennett, and Jasmin Abbott
via 14 News

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