January 4, 2009
Luoyang, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, China
Xiong Zhenlin (35, pictured) kills 8 people over 15 hours, reportedly due to romantic and financial difficulties

Xiong had divorced his wife a few months prior to the murders, in September 2008. He became distraught and hoped to either reunite with his ex-wife or marry his lover, 43-year-old widow Zhu Deqing. Neither woman wished to marry Xiong, and combined with financial struggles, he became “anguished deeply in heart,” according to his statement following his arrest.

Over the course of 15 hours on January 4, Xiong killed Zhu, her 2-year-old grandson, and six employees. Wounds to Zhu and her grandson indicated they had been beaten to death with an axe while the employees had likely been killed with an axe and a hammer which were left behind at the scene.

Rewards were posted and helped lead to Xiong’s capture on January 11. He convicted in February and sentenced to death. Xiong appealed his sentence citing the fact he “drank himself into a stupor” immediately before the killings and hoped his confession to the murders would spare him from execution. He was not. Xiong was executed on April 16, 2009, approximately three and a half months after the murders.

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