January 1, 1926
Huntsville, Texas
Melton Carr is executed for rape

Carr and another man, Elbert Kitchens, had been arrested for “criminal assault” (rape). The victim was Elbert’s wife Fannie Kitchens, and Elbert hired Carr to commit the crime for reasons the press did not divulge or speculate upon.

Initially, both Carr and Elbert were sentenced to execution, though Elbert’s punishment was reduced to a 99-year prison term. Many citizens rallied on Carr’s behalf and petitioned the governor to reduce his sentence as well. Carr was granted a 10-day reprieve while the governor researched the case, though he was not spared execution in the end. Carr was electrocuted “just 15 minutes after the arrival of the new year”.

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“Reprieve for Melton Carr Will Expire Thursday Night.” The Taylor Daily Press. December 30, 1925
“Carr Granted 10-Day Reprieve By Governor.” The Marshall Morning News. December 17, 1925

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