December 21, 2005
Twin Falls, Idaho
The bodies of Justin, Spencer, and Raquel Nice are found after their father poisoned them during the wake of his divorce

On December 21, police performed a welfare check on Jim Junior Nice after he failed to come in to work. During the visit, the bodies of 6-year-old twins Justin and Spencer and their 2-year-old sister Raquel were seen on the floor. Jim admitted to killing his three children because he “didn’t want the kids to suffer through the divorce.” He stated he had poisoned the children’s hot chocolate and pudding with rat poison and unspecified over-the-counter medications before attempting to take his own life.

Jim was convicted of the murder of his children and given to three life sentences. In 2017, Jim was transferred to a maximum security prison after his cellmate Glenn Arthur Cox was found dead in their cell; Cox had been strangled, beaten, and stabbed with a pencil. Though Jim was suspected of killing Cox, no charges were pressed. The following year on December 9, 2018, Jim was found dead by an apparent self-inflicted wound, though news sources did not disclose the nature of the wound.

Jim Junior Nice
via Magic Valley

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