December 18, 1994
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Alison Botha is abducted, raped, stabbed, and left for dead

Botha was forced into her car by Frans du Toit who initially promised not to hurt her, and claimed to need to use her car to get money from someone who was indebted to him. Du Toit eventually picked up Theuns Kruger and the trio drove to a remote location known to locals for being a dangerous area.

Once at the secluded area, du Toit and Kruger raped Botha before strangling her until she lost consciousness. Next they stabbed her at least 30 times in the abdomen, disemboweling her in the process. Du Toit and Kruger believed Botha was dead until they noticed her leg twitch, at which point Botha’s throat was cut no less than 17 times; her trachea was severed in the process. The pair then left Botha for dead.

Botha regained consciousness and managed to slowly make her way to a nearby road. As the Sunday Times reported, Botha’s attackers had “slashed her throat so deeply she had to hold her own head on as she crawled to the road for help. With her other hand she had to hold in the organs spilling from her stomach …” Though she had been stabbed around 50 times, none of the wounds severed major arteries which would have caused Botha to bleed out, and she was able to continue to breathe through her severed trachea. Once at the road, Botha flagged down a passing car. She was hospitalized and was able to make a full physical recovery.

Botha’s statements helped lead to the arrest and conviction of du Toit and Kruger, who were each given life sentences for rape and attempted murder. They are currently eligible for parole though petitions have continually circulated to keep them in prison, and they have been denied parole thus far.

Botha’s story has been told in I Have Life: Alison’s Journey (as told to Marianne Thamm), and the movie Alison (currently available on Amazon Prime Video).

Alison Botha

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