December 17, 2017
Kelowna, British Columbia
Jacob Forman kills his wife Clara and their two daughters Karina and Yesenia

Jacob had an addition to alcohol, an issue Clara addressed with him on December 17. Angered, Jacob hit Clara once with a small sledgehammer which knocked her to the ground. Clara asked “what are you doing?” before Jacob hit her twice more on the head until she no longer moved. He then strangled Clara to ensure her death.

The Formans’ daughters Karina and Yesenia (ages 7 and 8 respectively) heard noises and asked what had happened. Jacob assured his daughters Clara had been scared by a spider, then brought the girls to shovel snow and visit church. When they returned home, Jacob told Karina and Yesenia about a game he supposedly played as a child, involving the girls standing on their heads and uprighting themselves quickly while Jacob put his hands on their throats. He informed his daughters the “game” would make them pass out but be fun. Jacob later admitted the reason he killed his children was because he’d rather they “go home to heaven than to grow up in a world where their daddy killed their mommy.”

Jacob put Clara’s body in a sleeping bag and bound her wrists and ankles. The bodies of Karina and Yesenia were put in plastic storage containers. The bodies were then placed in the garage. Jacob loaded a gun and prepared to kill himself as well before apparently changing his mind.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police performed a welfare check on the Formans on December 19 after Clara’s coworkers became concerned when she failed to come to work. A cursory search of the home revealed the bodies of Clara, Karina, and Yesenia in the garage.

Jacob confessed to the murders on December 27, and initially pleaded not guilty to the crimes. He attempted a defense centered around severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, explaining he had attempted to combat his alcoholism by abruptly stopping the consumption of alcohol and experienced extreme symptoms due to a lack of treatments and support. Jacob abandoned this defense and instead pleaded guilty to second-degree murder on Clara’s killing and first-degree murder for his daughters’. The conviction came with a mandatory life sentence, and Jacob will not be eligible for parole for 35 years.

Clara, Karina, and Yesenia
via Info News

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