December 16, 1979
West Paterson, New Jersey
The bodies of Howard Green (53) and Carol Marron (33) are found

A passerby (describes as either a passing motorist or a boy playing in the woods) noticed a strange for which was later revealed to be a rug and cloth wrapped around the bodies of a man and a woman. The police were immediately informed and an investigation was launched. The victims were identified relatively quickly due to a laundry stub stapled to the male victim’s jacket.

Both victims had an electrical cord wrapped around their necks, and both had their hands and feet bound. Additionally, both had blunt force trauma to the left side of their head, were stabbed in their right eye, and had a clump of hair gripped in their hand. Strangely, both had the blood completely drained from their bodies, apparently by a large veterinary syringe, which left too little blood evidence to be tested. The official cause of death was ruled as brain damage and skull fractured.

Green and Marron had been dating for approximately 8 years before their murders, and lived together in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York, roughly 32 miles (51 km) from the location of their bodies. They had last been seen alive on December 15, the day before their bodies were found. A search of their apartment revealed a bloody footprint, minimal signs of a struggle, and unspecified “occult paraphernalia.” It was noted the couple had likely not been killed at their home nor the area their bodies were found.

One suspect in the killings was an upstairs neighbor, whom police refused to identify but described as a “drifter.” The neighbor was said to have lived in the area the bodies were found when he was a teen, and other neighbors claimed he garroted mice and drained the mice’s bodies of blood for attention. By July 1980, police had eliminated several suspects after administering polygraph tests, though two unidentified suspects were still considered to possibly be involved. It was not noted if the “drifter” was in the list eliminated or if he was still a suspect. The case grew cold afterward.

The murders of Green and Marron remain unsolved.

Howard Green and Carol Marron

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