December 12, 2013
The headless, dismembered body of Jasvinder Kaur (33) is found floating in the Whampoa River

On December 11, 2013, Kaur and her husband Harvinder Singh (35) engaged into an argument after she made a long-distance call to a party unknown to Singh. In anger, Singh punched Kaur on the neck which knocked her to the bed. Singh believed Kaur to be unconscious and left her for some time before returning and discovering she was dead.

Singh decided to dismember Kaur’s body to cover the crime and enlisted the help of a friend to dispose of the body parts which had been wrapped in plastic garbage bags. The friend was not told of the contents of the bags though he asked after becoming suspicious of the sizes and weights of the bags. Singh explained the circumstances of killing Kaur, and the friend decided to still help dispose of Kaur’s body.

The headless, handless body of Kaur was found the next day on December 12. The arms had been severed at the shoulder joints, the waist bisected, the head decapitated, and the hands removed at the wrist. In total, the body was cut into 7 pieces; the head and hands were not recovered.

The area where Kaur’s body was found
via The Straits Times

Singh had cleaned his home extremely well, leaving little blood evidence behind before he absconded and was placed on Interpol’s most wanted list. He has since been removed from the list, though I can find no information suggesting he has been captured or found deceased. The friend was apprehended and explained what Singh had told him, giving the only information known about the case. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison for being an accessory.

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