November 28, 1958
Wolcott, Kansas
Lowell Andrews (18) kills his parents and older sister

As his family relaxed in the living room, Lowell began opening drawers and scattering items around the home to simulate a robbery. Lowell then entered the living room and shot his family with a .22 caliber rifle and a Luger pistol. The Andrews family was shot a combined 24 times; William Andrews (50) was shot 17 times while Opal (41) and Jennie Marie (20) were shot 4 and 3 times respectively.

After his family was killed, Lowell threw the murder weapons in a river and attempted to give himself an alibi by chatting with a fellow student before watching a movie. He returned home around midnight and called the sheriffs after “discovering” his family had been shot.

While Lowell initially tried to claim his family had been killed in a robbery gone bad, he confessed to his family minister three hours after he had been brought in for questioning. Lowell confessed to having no motive or remorse initially, telling one officer “I don’t feel anything—period.” He changed his story during his signed confession, however, to suggest he had killed the family for financial gain in the form of the family farm and $1,800 ($16,000 today) in a savings account. The motive has been doubted due to Lowell’s choice to shoot his father 17 times, though.

Lowell was convicted of his family’s murders and sentenced to death. He was hanged at the age of 22 on November 30, 1962, nearly four years to the day after the killings. When asked if he wished to leave any final words, Lowell responded, “No, I don’t believe so,” with a faint smile. Lowell was reunited with his family in death when he was buried next to their graves.

Lowell Andrews

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