November 27, 2011
Hogback, NM
The body of 45-year-old Roland Cantsee is found

Little is known regarding Cantsee’s final days. What is known is he cashed a check on November 11, the same day he was last seen by his friends and family. Security footage from Walmart showed Cantsee purchasing vodka with another man, though the two parted ways. The trail grows cold after that.

Brad Michael of the FBI, who investigated Cantsee’s case, believes “he wound up with some bad company and that alone got him killed.”

Cantsee’s family reported him missing on November 26, two weeks after he was last seen alive. His body was found in a field the following day when ranchers noticed coyotes clawing at the ground. Cantsee had been beaten severely, the fatal injury being caused by blunt impact trauma to his head, before he was taken to a ditch in the remote location his body was later found. There was no clear weapon that caused the fatal blow at the scene.

It has been speculated Cantsee — who was Navajo and Southern Ute — was killed for one of his monthly tribal checks (payouts distributed to Natives by their respective tribes). It is also believed more than one person was involved, due to the extent of the beating and kicking Cantsee endured as well as the location his body was dumped, which indicates he was likely carried rather than dragged.

Michael has made an appeal to the public to bring Cantsee’s killer or killers to light, stating, “The family needs to know what happened, we need to know what happened, and the people that did this to him need to be brought to justice,” and “It doesn’t look like a one-man job, which means more than one person bears the bulk of the blame. We hope other witnesses would realize this was a person and come forward.”

All tips regarding Cantsee’s murder should be directed to the Albuquerque FBI field office at 505-889-1300 or the FBI tips page at

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