November 24, 2002
Huangpo, Guangdong, China
70 students and 2 teachers are poisoned by a man from a rival school out of jealousy

Huang Hu (30) started his own school (alternatively described as a preschool, nursery, or kindergarten) in October 2002, but quickly became discouraged by his lack of success. Local press pointed to the failure as being caused by poor management, though Hu apparently believed a nearby, more popular school was to blame.

Hu crept into the rival school after close to lace the school’s salt with rat poison. On November 24, 70 children and 2 adults became violently ill after eating corn porridge seasoned with the tainted salt. The victims experienced symptoms including vomiting and convulsions, though none died.

Despite no victims being killed, Hu was nonetheless sentenced to death on December 17, 2002. His execution was carried out on January 3, 2003, less than a month and a half after the mass poisoning.

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