November 22, 2005
Hiroshima, Japan
Airi Kinoshita (7) is killed by Jose Manuel Torres Yagi following a sexual assault

Yagi (also identified by the press as Yake) abducted Kinoshita near her school as she was returning home. Yagi then took Kinoshita either to his apartment or near it to sexually assault her, strangling her in the process. After the murder Yagi put Kinoshita’s body in a cardboard box, sealed it with packing tape, and left the makeshift coffin roughly halfway between his apartment and Kinoshita’s school. Her body was found the same day.

Airi Kinoshita

Yagi was arrested eight days later. Police found traces of sweat on Kinoshita’s school uniform. Yagi admitted to the assault but claimed he did not intend to kill Kinoshita. Prosecutors sought the death penalty for Yagi though the judge presiding sentenced him to life imprisonment, citing the murder was not premeditated and consisted of a single victim, noting hope remained for rehabilitation.

Yagi removing Kinoshita’s body

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